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Here at Amenable Group, we are on a mission to change the way Heating services are done in the home. 

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7 things to consider for a new GAS boiler this summer

Considering a new Gas Boiler this Summer ? Here are 7 things to think about before making any decisions! New Boiler Plus Building Regulations that came in April 2018 affecting Gas Boilers, mean that you will need to consider one of the following energy saving items for your combi: a […]

Weather compensation technology for your GAS boiler

Weather compensation technology for GAS boiler has been around for a while, usually as an optional accessory to purchase for your boiler. The system alters the radiator temperature with changes in temperature outside. Most modern condensing boilers operate more efficiently at lower radiator (return pipe) temperatures, thus saving you a […]

Announcing our Partnership with Viessmann installing the Vitovalor 300P Micro CHP system.

I’m proud to announce that Amenable Group are now Installation Partners for the exciting Viessmann Vitovalor 300P. The Vitovalor 300P is a heat-led Domestic Micro CHP system with peak load gas boiler and hot water cylinder, produced by Viessmann and Panasonic in a joint venture. More details to come, but […]