Gas Boiler Service Harrogate

It is important to have all your gas appliances checked and serviced every year by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Amenable Group are Gas Safe Registered. If you would like to arrange a Gas Boiler Service Harrogate, contact us. Your Gas Boiler Service is particularly important to keep it in the best possible working order as we all rely on them so much in the winter. It will most likely be a mandatory requirement of your boiler warranty too.

Most important are the safety checks. There are checks that a Gas Safe Registered Engineer must do each time he does any work on a gas appliance. For your peace of mind, consider having a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted too. It can do no harm and potentially could give you an early warning of a problem with your, or even your neighbours gas appliance.

As well as safety checks and performance analysis, there are certain components that need maintenance during a gas boiler service, or you run the risk of a breakdown that would not be covered by a boiler warranty. A good example would be the expansion vessel, a competent in most modern boilers that manages the expansion if the water in the radiator system when it gets hot. This must be checked for charge pressure each year. If not operating correctly, pressure may build up in the system, leading to leaks or damage. The condensate syphon needs to be checked and cleaned annually too. A blockage here could stop the boiler in the middle of winter! It’s worth mentioning that some brands of boilers with aluminium alloy heat exchangers seem to be more susceptible to blockages.

Sometimes we find problems that require additional attention during a service and you are strongly advised to have your annual service done during the summer months when Engineers are less busy and you be less affected by any down time.

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